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The multi-talented cabaret clown

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Who is she?

Irene Nicola: cabaret clown, exhibitionist and entertainer extraordinaire is here to bring comedy gold to the stage by shaking her finger at power structures while shaking her booty. And singing her dirty satirical songs, of course! 


Irene has performed across Australia, as a writer, performer, composer and producer of A Postmodern Striptease, a one-woman cabaret show about identity and deconstruction (2013-2017), and Revenge, a joyful anarchy and rage romp cabaret (2018). Apocalypse Please, her brand new comedic cabaret about the climate crisis, was nominated for Best Cabaret (Sydney Fringe 2019). Irene was also a finalist in the Sydney Cabaret Competition (Sydney Cabaret Festival 2019) and is the producer and host of variety night, Antipasto! 

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Upcoming Shows

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16th - 19th March

The Gal

3/5 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW 2303

“Irene Nicola is an impressive triple-threat… who moves effortlessly from character to singer/pianist and back again.”

Cathy Bray

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